Josh Gomez of NBC’s Chuck

Josh Gomez who plays Morgan Grimes on the NBC show “Chuck”, was the guest tonight on Filmnut.

In addition to a lot of laughs, we covered a lot material, Chuck related and otherwise. How he broke into acting, the audition process for Chuck and how he and Zachary Levi did their own improvisation for it. His season on Without a Trace. His stint as a judge on The Last Comic Standing. There were a lot of instant message questions about the Buy More, the ficticious store Gomez’s character works in. Working with different directors.

We also got into his voiceover work on some of the video games he has done, Bioshock,Call of Duty 2, Final Fantasy X-2 (the man is definitley a gamer and even gave out his handle during the interview!). I also asked Josh about an internet rumor about him starring in the new Ghostbusters movie. But the best conversation may have been about the awesomeness of his beard.

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