Greg Reifsteck

JENILEE BOREK is the co-executive producer and co-host of Big Balls Fantasy Football. She is also the REAL MEN Segment Producer and sings her own segment theme song “Real Man.” Her solid picks prove she can rock both brains and a bikini.

Borek is a perfect 10-year fantasy football veteran and a life-long die-hard Chicago Bears Fan who transplanted to North Hollywood, California from St. Charles, Illinois so she could follow her passions in dance and music.

She also is co-host of the BBFF audio podcast at on the Greg Reifsteck Radio Network.

When she isn’t worried about if Megatron will get the most receptions in a given week, Borek is a professional singer and dancer with the smash singles “All In For You” and “Real Man,” that can be bought on iTunes and at Be sure to follow her at and on Twitter at @jenileemusic.

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