Jamie Lannister’s Oathkeeper on Weapons of Westeros

When Tywin Lannister had Ice, the ancestral Ice of House Stark, melted down, two new swords were created, the first, Widow’s Wail, was presented to the brief King of the nine kingdoms, Joffre, the 2nd was handed… to Jamie Lannister as a welcome home gift.

Feeling that he was being mocked for his newly earned deformities Jamie gave the sword to Brienne of Tarth and tasked her with the finding of Sansa Stark so that he may fulfill his oath to Catelyn Stark. Brienne gives the sword the name Oathkeeper as part of her pledge to Jamie but also as a symbol of the new man that Jamie has become since his captivity and their new friendship.

Because the sword, Ice, had a blade made of Valyrian Steel it did not mix completely with the added steel of the Lannisters. It retained its layered appearance but with black and Red ripples through the steel. In the books Its scabbard is covered in gold ornamentation complete with a row of lion heads alternating with rubies. Its pommel is a large golden lion bust with ruby eyes that shine like two red suns.
If the sheer audacity of the wealth presented by this sword doesn’t make foes run in fear then Brienne’s skilled arm behind the broad swords 3 feet of steel certainly will, that is if they can escape before she cuts them down.

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