Cougars, The Amish, and Paula Deen

Homeless people eating cats! Cougars and lady drapes! The Amish are attacking each other and we decide who should be shot PAULA DEEN or ANTHONY BOURDAIN! Plus things you need, wolf corner and YOUR PUB OF THE WEEK!


  1. Eric on January 26, 2012 at 1:05 am

    14:07 – Iliza asked for pic, when it didn’t appear she became annoyed

    14:10 – Brian is confused, and doesn’t know what pic Iliza is talking about. Iliza gets annoyed at brian

    14:57 – Alexis claims Paula Deen is like 50, but looks older

    15:04 – A couple of seconds later Alexis says, she is like 52

    15:05 – Brian trys to explain why he was confused about the pic

    17:18 – Iliza reads from the chatroom that someone says Paula Deen is 65

    17:20 – Alexis takes exception to the chatroom answer, claims she knows someone who has seen Paula Deen’s drivers license, and it says she is not 65, but can’t say who seen it.

    I agree with Iliza when she said something like this about the Paula Deen age thing: “So she knows that she looks older, so she lies and says she is older than she is?” That would be the only logical answer if she is really lieing about her age.

    I also agree with Iliza when she says that ” she challenges” this statement by Alexis about Paula Deen’s age.

    I also challenge Alexis’s statement. Everywhere on the internet it says that Paul Deen is 65. No where on the internet can you find anything saying that Paula Deen has lied about her age. I think if this was true, someone who have brought it up a long time ago.

    And women usually say they are younger than they are.

  2. Eric on January 26, 2012 at 2:00 am

    Sorry for posting again, but I wanted to clear up one more misconception I had heard on this passed Monday’s show.

    It was durning the post show talk Iliza & Alexis do. Anyways Alexis was talking about her wikipedia page. She said it was deleted because of the lack of page views, but that is wrong. Wikipedia doesn’t delete pages for that. Alexis can view the reason why here though:

    And I also have requested for her page to be made again.

  3. Dave Hire on January 31, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    Hi Iliza!

    I just recently stumbled onto your show “Excused”, and you said somwething that caught my attention, but in reverse. I was the guy who got girls to do MY homework in highschool and college. Then, Oops, end of that era for me. I was stalked. I’ve changed.

    I noticed this show, “the weakly news” seriously Iliza, you are so beautiful and entertaining, I didn’t even notice it was “weakly” not “weekly” very cool.
    Comedians like you, show us how stupid stuff really is by telling us how stupid stuff really is.

    I don’t have any suggestions for your show, because seggestions mean ways to improve your show… improvements not needed.
    But.. what if you had segments like:

    “what’s up with that?” More stupid news about more indepth stupid news. like our
    f–ked up alphabet. What’s up with silent letters, what the f–k is the “P” doing in words like “psycho” anyway? All the other letters would be pissed off at the “P” because it gets to be at the front of the line and it doesn’t do sh-t. “P” is like the CEO letter in that word. Then the “K” comes along and starts cussing at the “C” and “H” because they took the place of the “K” sound. Then “Q” would start up with the “K” and they would go at it. Poor “Z”, it’s at the end of the alphabet. “Z” is used for the sleep thing zzzzzzzz. “Z” is in the word laZy. Why does the “S” make the “Z” sound in the words “as” and “is”? Why do other letters have to replace other letters, like the “GH” in the word “enough”? Why isn’t it just “enuf”? Then, in the words “enough” the “GH” makes the “FFF” sound, but, in the word “knight”, by adding that silent “K” at the beginning, and a “T” at the end making the word “knight”, the “GH” just shuts the f–k up. Seriously, what’s up with that? Isn’t our english spelling more complicated that it has too? Who invented the alphabet, people who thought the Earth was flat, yet they put ships in the ocean?!? Hmmm.

    How about a segment called “I hate when that happens!” How about that poor girl on your show, “Excused”, when they guy on the episode “The Ego has landed”… “hey baby, I have pimples on my penis, are ya gonna pick me?” Really. Im no Nostradamus but, bet the next line he said was “wa- wa- wait! Come back! What…what did I say something wrong?”

    And at the end of the show, “the weakly tip of the week”, like, how to pay those damn hidden fees. You pay them with… HIDDEN MONEY! F–K YA!!! A fair exchange of unfairness if you ask me.

    Of course, these are JUST ideas, NOT suggestions. A comedian who is not funny is disappointing. You Iliza, are funny, entertaining, and smart. I am NOT a comedian, but I know what’s funny, and YOUe. I can also tell alot about as person by how one treats a pet, you also have a good heart. You are perfect in form, and have pleasing features.


  4. Buzzsaw on March 13, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    That was a monstrously engorged turkey. There are times in this life, when a girl can ride her vagina like a raft down a river. Been sitting on that joke for months. Alexis, the oreo was Awesome physical comedy -> replayed it 5x.

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