Ian Terry on Big Brother Season 17

With the already action packed season, I had to talk to the super fan
himself, my 1st showmance and winner of season 14, Ian Terry. Here’s
his T on the new cast and his winner prediction.
Ashley: Ian, as of now, who do you think will win Big Brother?
Ian: I really like Meg’s position in the house. She is social cruiser
and sharp!
Ashley: And she’s friends with Frankie Grande so I’m sure she got some
pre game pointers before entering the game. 😉
Ashley: How did you feel about getting a shout out on the show and
being compared to Steve?
Ian: I think it’s pretty cool. I like that I made my mark on the show
and I was happy for Steve winning the POV.
Ashley: Who are your favorites so far?
Ian: I like Meg, John the dentist, and Vanessa. I think Vanessa is
really smart and I love everything she has done thus far in the game.
Ashley: Thanks Ian! I appreciate you as a friend and it was an amazing
experience getting to know you when we lived together. Enjoy your

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