Have a Heidi Halloween on theFeed!

Heid Klum has some serious Halloween costume game!

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Heidi Klum is the Halloween Queen– and never fails to impress year after year.
And to celebrate Klum’s incredible costuming we’ve compiled some of her most incredible looks yet.
How about when Heidi Klum dressed as Jessica Rabbit, achieving the mind-boggling look with the help of an Oscar wining make up artist and prosthetics.
Or when she went as an old lady!
With gray hair, wrinkles, and pigmented skin.
She made the most incredible Cleopatra ever back in 2012.
AND the most bad-booty Kali. The Hindu goddess of death, time and doomsday.
Another cartoon brought to life, Heidi Klum was Betty Boop in 2002.
And finally, my favorite– when Klum dressed up as a giant purple and red robotic super hero.
It looks positively like the most uncomfortable outfit I’ve ever seen. But I like it!
What are YOU being for Halloween?!
Tell me over @thestreamtv, comment below, and subscribe to our channel.
Happy halloweiner dudes.

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