Deus Ex Human Revolution Review

Warn Nikole to never miss an episode again!

It’s The All-DUDE Game Show! Nikole is away at PAX, which leaves Jim and Gweedz around to run things… their way.

This week, Combo brought us some big news! First up was RAZOR’s new laptop – will it help save PC gaming? Star Wars for the Kinect is being delayed but it’s to improve the quality of the game, so that makes it okay… right? We also looked over some of the details at PAX, including some of the big release dates for the MK Arcade Collection, The Baconing, Serious Same BFE, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and Jurassic Park.

This week’s Game of the Week was Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Developed by Eidos and published by Square Enix, it’s a fun first-person shooter for the Xbox, PS3, and PC. You play as Adam Jenson, a security chief for a powerful corporation, Sarif Industries; after an attack on their facilities, – you’re augmented with mechanical upgrades to your body as you become a one-man

fighting force to find the perpetrators of the attack on Sarif.

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