Suzi Barrett from Esurance, 1800Dentist, and Metamucil

In our season finale, Mike and Rebecca kidnap Suzi from her house and force her back into the chair at for her Commercial Break sequel or as Suzi puts it “Electric Boogalo” but Rebecca likes to call it “Commercial Break Strikes Back” or “Return of the Commercial Break”. Suzi sells you the best beans on the planet and gives the proper definition, function and purpose of Metamucil. The only guest on Commercial Break to ever grace us with her presence twice…Suzi does not disappoint our chat stars with her comedic timing and amazing interviewing skills. Yes Suzi has her own dog and no he is not an actor. Mike is stuck in some youtube matrix maze he doesn’t know how to navigate yet but he will prevail and so will the “chat stars” because well, they are after all “chat stars” and are really great at using their computers. Did Suzi really cheat her way out of “Jingle Jangle” with a two word jingle? Well you will have to tune it to see! Watch Suzi’s never ending unbelievable improv skills in “Ego Stroke” and tell her you get her sarcasm when she tells you “I hate LA”.

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