ComicBookGirl19 Talks Jack “King” Kirby with Jon Schnepp on Sweaty Comicbook Nerds!

ComicBookGirl19 is talking about the King . . . Jack “King” Kirby, On this episode of Sweaty Comic Book Nerds, she tells Jon Schnepp that two of her favorite Jack Kirby creations were Big Barda and Granny Goodness, some of the less well known character. Jon loves The New Gods, fourth world saga of the 70s . . . “the dark side” . . . “the source” . . . Star Wars creator George Lucas had to be a fan. Kirby created Captain America in the 40s! The Thing . . . The Fighting American . . . he and Stan Lee were doing crazy monster comic books . . .both a Marvel and a DC talent! Kirby’s Thor is cosmic. Romance, westerns . . . check out this deep dive into Jack Kirby.

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