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“Alien”. . . Amazing Special Effects on Sweaty Special Effects Nerds!

Cig Neutron, fx and prosthetics master, and Jon Schnepp (AMC Movie Talk, Metalocalypse) discuss the incredible fx in the classic “Alien”(1979), starring Sigourney Weaver, on this episode of Sweaty Special Effects Nerds. Cig shares the underlying influence of H.R. Giger’s bio-mechanical artwork, and Jon shares his childhood! This is before computer graphics took over – more »

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Sweaty Nerds Coming Today

Hey Sweaties!!! Welcome to “Sweaty Nerds” here on theStream.tv. Join me, Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened?, AMC Movie Talk) as I explore the Nerdiverse and all that it has to offer us!! We will cover all things that get you sweaty: Movies, Comics, Games, Television, Toys, and more!!! I’m doing more »

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