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Cronenberg’s Scanners on Sweaty Special Effects Nerds!

The King of Venereal Horror, the Baron of Blood himself, David Cronenberg is today’s topic on Sweaty Special Effects Nerds. Jon and Cig “sweaty special effects nerd” Neutron dig into the head-exploding, telepathy-based Scanners (1981). Exploding heads are cool – you can use air pressure, or in this case, a shotgun! For full Episode 7 more »

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X Men on Sweaty Comic Book Nerds With Jon Schnepp and ComicBookGirl19

Professor Xavier is in the house, with his half sister trying to strangle him in the womb! ComicBookGirl19 and Jon look at their favorite mutants. For modern take, check out Grant Morrison’s run. Teenage angst and super powers! For full Episode 7 of Sweaty Nerds: http://bit.ly/1IuUg6s Join Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, AMC Movie Talk, The Death more »

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Rockband and Guitar Hero on Sweaty Video Game Nerds!

MTV Lives – even though they play no music! But Rockband and Guitar Hero are alive and well, Jon and Maude get their air guitar on and sweat! Imaginary instruments and unforgettable sound fx! Maude was a drummer – did you know that? Glowing Nubules of Sonic Energy!!! Join Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, AMC Movie Talk, more »

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District 9 on Sweaty Sci Fi Nerds with Jon Schnepp and Chris Gore

Before Chappie there wasNeil Blomkamp’s District 9. Chris Gore and Jon explore immigrant from another galaxy – illegal aliens! Jon loves the filmmaking and the socio-politics. Join Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, AMC Movie Talk, The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?) each week as he traverses the most beloved topics of Nerddom with special guests like more »

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Spiderman with ComicBookGirl19 and Jon Schnepp on Sweaty Comicbook Nerds

ComicBookGirl19 and Jon dig into Spiderman on this segment of Sweaty ComicBookNerds. Our favorite webcrawler Peter Parker has brought us so many great runs – what do they recommend? ComicBookGirl19 shares pivotal moments in the history of Spidey. And what’s coming up with Spider Gwen? Join Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, AMC Movie Talk, The Death of more »

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