Big Balls Fantasy Football Episode 102 – PRE-DRAFT- THE EARLY ROUNDS

Join THE BEAUTY and THE BEAST of fantasy football experts Jenilee Borek and Greg T. Reifsteck for their latest episode of BIG BALLS FANTASY FOOTBALL.

Greg and Jenilee prepare you for your fantasy football draft with real fantasy football picks by real fantasy football fans and not just washed-up players in suits you see on the big networks.

This week they concentrate on QUARTERBACKS and RUNNING BACKS, the highest scorers in your league.
Special guest San Diego Chargers Super Fan Ashlee “Smash” Buchanan joins us in studio for her new segment SMASH AND GRAB. Stealing is bad in everything else except for Fantasy Football, and Smash will give you three ways to snatch three picks at different points in the draft to put you past the competition.

We also show we have bite as well as balls when The Beauty and the Beast and Smash throw down in two-person, one-minute debates in THE BALLS CHALLENGE. They go all thunderdome on two hot topics in the NFL and fantasy football world. See who survives!
Jenilee gives you her weekly REAL MEN segment with three Ballsy QB and RB picks that will be sure to score for you all season long. She even sings her own theme. (Go to to hear more).

Greg takes you into BEAST MODE with three ferocious QB and RB picks in his weekly segment, and is even so passionate about his pick Niners QB Colin Kaepernick he is wearing a shirt in his honor.

Do you have any questions about your line-up or need tips on who to draft this season? Hit us up on Twitter (@BigBallsFball) or Facebook ( and we might answer your question on the air.

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