Best Console/Device EVER?

When our Pros sit back and play games, what consoles and devices do they like the most? In Round 2 we find out the all-time favorites from this week’s panelists and guest.

Darion Lowenstein hosts GameGuy TV, a weekly review of the hottest topics in the world of gaming, apps, and technology with our weekly panel of gaming industry professionals and a very special guest interview. We talk to you, the fans, in our Ask A Nerd segment and feature weekly interviews with some of the greatest names in the gaming world.

Rachel Stavis, Jeff Junio, and David Bergantino all send their love back to some SEGA classics. It might have been some time since the glory days of the Saturn and Dreamcast but you have to hear what they have to say. Benjamin Johnson goes back even further with the classic 8bit NES and a great story to support his early gaming days. Sometimes the first is always the best in love and video games.

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