Battle of the Saturday Morning Cartoons

This week on GeekDown special guests Andre Blacknerd Meadows stops by with Leo Camacho to help debate the best cartoons of today, yesterday, and way before that.

We look at the original cartoons that changed to field. Comparing Hannah Barbara cartoons to the great Warner Bros line up with Looney Tunes. But it doesn’t stop there, we spend even more time on the greatest cartoons of the 80’s Like Ninja Turtles, He-man, Smurfs, and some obscure cartoons you’ve never heard of.
But keeping it going, we move right into the 90s, where some would say, was the best time period to be a kid. Nicktoons dominated the airwaves like rugrats, rocko’s modern life and Agh! Real Monsters. But Disney and WB kept strong with titles like Animaniacs, Darkwing Duck, and Tale Spin.

In the news we cover DC announcing that one of their heroes are gay and will be coming out of the closet. Also, GI Joe Retaliation gets a push and doesn’t release until next year! All just to add 3D…or is their more to it???
Oh, and Erin Slaps Jovenshire (we know that’s why you watch)

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