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Sam Rockwell in “Moon” on Sweaty Sci-Fi Nerds

In this segment of Sweaty Sci Fi Nerds, Jon and Chris Gore (Film Threat, G4, Attack of the Show) talks abbout 2009 sciifi masterpiece Moon, directed by Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell. Did you know that Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) was in this flick? For Full Episode: Join Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, AMC more »

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“Batman: Arkham Asylum” on Sweaty Videogame Nerds

Mistress of the madness, Maude Garrett, takes us inside “Batman: Arkham Asylum” is in the Guiness Book of Records as the most critically acclaimed super hero game! Nerd Sweat – Mark Hamill is the voice of the joker. Jon shares how the talent from the animated series came on board. Maude was “on set” to more »

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Sweaty Nerds does Tetris, Videodrome, Frank Miller and more!

Frank Miller changed lives! His portrayal of the “dark” in The Dark Knight, and his creation of Sin City connected with many creators including Jon Schnepp and ComicBookGirl19. And Tetris – who isn’t still obsessed with Tetris . . . Maude Garrett is! King Kong, Videodrome . . . Cig Neutron and Chris Gore share more »

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Cronenberg’s Scanners on Sweaty Special Effects Nerds!

The King of Venereal Horror, the Baron of Blood himself, David Cronenberg is today’s topic on Sweaty Special Effects Nerds. Jon and Cig “sweaty special effects nerd” Neutron dig into the head-exploding, telepathy-based Scanners (1981). Exploding heads are cool – you can use air pressure, or in this case, a shotgun! For full Episode 7 more »

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Legendary Artist Bill Sienkiewicz with ComicBookGirl19 and Jon Schnepp

ComicBookGirl19 and Jon talk about Bill Sienkiewicz one of the greatest comic book artists of our time, beginning with Elektra Assassin. His mixed-media imagery was ground-breaking. ComicBookGirl19 LOVES Dazzlers! Jon loves Dune! Stray Toasters was the unique graphic novel Sienkewicz wrote and illustrated! Join Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, AMC Movie Talk, The Death of Superman Lives: more »

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Sweaty Nerds With Jon Schnepp Season 1 Episode 5

Join Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, AMC Movie Talk, The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?) each week as he traverses the most beloved topics of Nerddom with special guests like Chris Gore (Film Threat, G4 Attack of the Show), Cig Neutron (Face Off), Comicbookgirl19 (YouTube), and Maude Garrett (Geek Bomb, Nickelodeon). Watch the sweat pour as more »

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