Ask Dr. Sub-Zero’s Birthday Special

Ask Dr. Sub-Zero’s birthday special! British slang, restraining order final round, John’s review of Cathrine, and we say goodbye to one of our own. Visit and Stay  Tore!

Music Video Review: Full Metal Jacket – Remix – Pvt. Joker’s war cry

Video Game Review: Cathrine – “This is the first game I’ve thought about after I stopped playing it. It’s the video game equivalent of a choose-your-own aventure book. I’m only on level three, but it hooked me. You play a guy, Vincent, who doesn’t know if he wants to marry his girlfriend. My controller died, so I had to take the batteries from the dildo. 9/10

3rd Strike Tournament – I would love to go to the next 3-man team tournament. I will team with Bobby & his boyfriend, Tom. We will be two bears, one otter. Let me call pyro and see if he’s going.

British Slang of the Week: Well Munted – English equivalent of Tore Up!

Movie Review: “That’s my Boy” – Todd Bridges – Bobby’s Killer Instinct story

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Curley Mustache – It would be cool if I won that. Not saying it’ll happen, but it would be cool.


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