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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Monday July 7th 2014) we talk all viewer questions including the following:

Brandon Pittman writes: Hey AMC Movie Talk Crew, You guys are the best. My question for you guys is: Which other genres or sub-genres do you think Horror can be “combined” with? To me I think I have seen great depictions of Scifi-Horror (Aliens, Prometheus), Superhero-Horror like Blade (In My Opinion), and from the recent film, Deliver Us From Evil, with Cops, Crime and demonic possessions mixed together in one film. What are your thoughts on mixing Horror with the rest of the movie genres? Can this be implemented in any type of film?

FX Only writes: Hi, love the show, I keep hearing on the show that comic book readers are a minority among movie goers.. I was also convinced by this but now I want to make a counter argument: Take a look at the Worldwide top grossing movies of 2014.. The top 3 are based on Marvel comics. Do you think that comic book readers are still a minority or this changed due to the raise of comic movie films in the recent years? Keep you the good work!

Christian Zada writes: Hi amc movie crew, love show and watch it everyday. This year we have been hearing a lot about comic book movies. And don’t get me wrong i love them but what is your most anticipated Drama? Mine is Foxcatcher.

Sam Holden writes: Hi Amc I love the show watch every day! My question is can someone make a Norse God Thor movie or one about the other mythical Norse Gods with out any of the marvel eliments in it and only follow the myths wth out them being aliens or are all the charecters copyrighted?

Gerald Tulao writes: Hello my filthy Dark Knights of the old AMC Republic! Love the show more than life itself. Pixars Ratatouille is not only my favorite Pixar film, not only is it my favorite animated film, it’s my second all time favorite film (after Star Wars of course!) My big concern is that Ratatouille will, and probably has already, become a forgotten Pixar film. I still always see products for other Pixar films such as Monsters, Wall-E and Nemo but nothing for Ratatouille! And I’ve had conversations where I mention the film and the other person would say “oh yea I forgot about that film”. Am I just being paranoid?

Max Clark writes: Hi, how comes Tom Cruise hasn’t been typecast as Ethan Hunt in the same way Daniel Radcliffe had been as Harry Potter?

Leo Berry writes: Hi guys, love the show and that you bring so much insight to all movie news. My question, do you think that Batman v Superman will do better at box office then the Dark Knight. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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