After Hours

“EPIXENTER: Episode 203 “After Hours”

Hogan “2kamRA” Carter and Cami “camiwins” Vicencio host this third episode of Season 2 at the amazing new HD set at

In this show, the hosts hit on the latest Nope Dope News (Noisia in Transformers 3, ISPs slowing down your Internet, and Day9’s new After Hours Gaming League for Starcraft 2). Then they hit up the latest Do Want items (New Manned-space flight led by NASA, Booqbag laptop cases and bags, and some cool iPhone accessories). Finally, a rather in-depth discussion about the gaming media’s perception of competitive gaming.

EPIXENTER airs Monday nights at 10pm Pacific (06:00 GMT on Tuesdays) only on

twitter: @epixentertv @2kamra @camiwins @thestreamdottv




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  1. Fooster on July 13, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    Audio only? I want to see you guys in the new virtual 4.0 HD splendor!

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