A GRANDMA Was BUSTED For Pirating Video Games on Digital Music News!

Christine Mcmillan, an 86 year old grandmother, just got busted for pirating the video game Metro 2033, a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter game…

And while you may be wishing this was YOUR grandma, McMillan claims that she’s never even heard of Metro 2033, even though she’s been accused with ripping it off.

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She’s received notices from the Canadian Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement demanding she pay the $5,000 bill sent to her home. But it looks like they got the wrong girl!

McMillan says she’s the only person that can access her computer, and yes she knows how to use a computer.
So unless she is lying.. someone likely hacked into her computer to steal the game OR she’s been falsely accused of a crime she didn’t commit.

Back in the early 2000s we saw similar situations happen in the music industry. Like when a dead grandmother was sued by the Recording Industry of America for pirating MP3s. And she never even owned a computer.

Has the gaming industry learned nothing from the music industry in terms of anti-piracy?
What do you guys think about Christine McMillans story?

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