Tiki Bar Jeff vs. Stu – Mai Tai smackdown!

We go Polynesian up in this bee-atch! Jeff Macpherson, creator of Tikibartv.com, and a winner of a Streamy Award, joins!

I challenge “Dr.Tiki” to a Mai Tai making contest – who’s better?

Watch me challenge the good Dr. at: www.theStream.tv

Plus, we’ve got a new, interactive bit called chat-tion (chat room captions), where we show you photos of John, Jessie and I selling some products that may or may not exist, and the chat room supplies the taglines.

Finally, we’re joined by Mekeisha Madden Toby who comes on to talk about her favorite cop shows and she gets all swoony talking about the Mentalist. We give away DVD’s of Jake and the Fat Man and Hawaii Five-O, season 5, plus someone wins Tiki Bar TV, seasons 3 and 4! What else do you want?

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