Breaks top 100,000 on!

July 19th, 2007 – According to, a major 3rd party evaluator of website traffic, broke into their top 100,000 yesterday with a ranking of 93,264.  This is highly significant for a site with no financial backing and a launch date of less than a year ago. doesn’t even bother to rank site data by day or provide a traffic chart until you break the 100,000 mark, so passing this rank is a major milestone in the development of a growing website. airs live, interactive shows that focus on a variety of niche topics.  Viewers participate in these webisodes via instant messenger services and chat rooms and often praise the casual format the network has become known for. During interviews with well known actors, filmmakers and musical artists, fans get to ask questions that the networks never even think about.  It’s a great feeling to hear your favorite celebrity answering your specific question during a live webcast.

My thanks goes out to all the hosts, guests and viewers that have let people know about us.  At the same time, they are helping support new media and the evolution of entertainment and communication as we know it.

Cheers All!

Brian, Founder