Pop Noir – Contest!

Hey guys –

If you have 5 minutes and a photo of yourself, you’ve got all you need!

LIVE! from the future… is having a contest with Pop Noir, our guests on Tuesday, April 14th at 8PM.

How it works:

Upload a picture of yourself (or your cat or your nostril) here.

On Monday, Producer Lauren will pick a name from a beer mug and film it *to be played on Tuesday.

Whoever wins, we’ll cut their picture in half.

Tuesday, Luke, one of the members of Pop Noir, and an amazing illustrator (they both are, but let’s get on with it…) will draw the other half of your picture LIVE! on the show.

Instructions are here.

PLUS – Pop Noir will be performing a few songs – It’s gonna be a LIVE online studio set – so tune in!

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