Monkey News Source Nominated for “Streamy” Award

Congratulations to Josh & Tamra of Monkey News Source for bringing its first award nomination for our original content!  The Streamy Awards ( are honoring the best in web television from 2008 in a live ceremony on Saturday, March 28, 2009.  The full list of nominees can be found at:

You’ll find that Monkey News Source is in excellent company along side such big names as Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Josh Whedon, Felicia Day and Kevin Rose!

Monkey News Source is a live, political news show hosted by a puppet chimpanzee.  If you haven’t had the chance to catch an episode yet, please check it out here:

The Stream of Consciousness Online Television Network airs live, interactive shows every weeknight on the homepage of its website  Connecting live viewers to interesting guests and celebrities in the Los Angeles area is the main focus of many of the shows.  These broadcasts are a true hybrid of simple webcam vlogs with a chat room and live, multi-camera switched television.  Most viewers can’t even believe it’s actually live and interactive until someone on camera reads their screenname.

The programming line-up covers a variety of formats including simple talk shows, live band performances, and interactive contests where the live viewers can play along to win prizes such as video games, movies, energy drinks and even full gaming consoles.  Most of shows focus on specific niche topics like film production, video game culture, politics, sports and entertainment news.  Each episode is archived on the site for on-demand viewing. The live broadcasts are also syndicated on live, streaming video sites such as,, and  For more information, please visit