I have a Hartline for you!

LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap!

May 5th, 2009!

SNLorBUST.com’s Shane Hartline!

(Watch Shane tear it up on our show HERE!)

We strapped on our helmets and did some 4 wheelin’ – in a live-online-comedy-talk-show kind of way. The handsomely attired and vivacious Jessie Schniederman told us the definition of a F.U.P.A. (apparently, it’s not a Sylvester Stallone movie), Juan Fulton (which means John Fulton in English) played the 5 string tonight and I gave everyone a whiff of my musk (er… strike that).

(John and Jessie try to inhale the “contact high” in the room; doesn’t work that way.)

First up, we delivered you some good news: 6 bright spots in the economy! Then we did the chatroom’s favorite new bit: You Supply The Punchline – Star Trek Edition, (even Brian Gramo brought us a punchline from/for the nerds). After that, Jessie showed us her new look: Barcelona-hipster-meets-1976-Pennsylvania-Dutch-Country-Summer-Camp-Cheerleader, and I gave everyone a taste of Nelson, my Dad’s Ecuadorian tennis pro.

(Stu, John and Jessie point to the one pervert on the show – YOU – on the roof of TheStream.TV 2.0 studios)

Next up, I decided to open my life for one more friend in a new bit called: My New Friend. First contestant was Australian Dave Tieck. His entrance was weak, and he is Australian (is that even a country?), and he was boasting a limp handshake… Needless to say, it was not looking good. But then I had him plan our perfect man-date (which involved squash – the sport – not the vegetable), and things were looking up!

(Dave Tieck tries not too hard to become my friend and I survey the results.)

Then, we powered up with 30 seconds of IM names (Someone’s name in the chatroom was: FultonYay), we welcomed Shane Hartline (SNLorBust.com), talked about his new DVD called: Skittin Across America, discussed how he’s giving proceeds to the Chris Farley Foundation, gave away some DVD’s, took some questions for Shane from the chatroom, watched Shane try to talk to an alien (Jessie ruined it), saw the Happy Dog Dance, and rounded out the interview with an improvised scene of Batman (Stu) and The Joker (Shane) arguing over Mexican food.

(Shane considers running out on the show and I grow a hand on my face).

Finally, for all the hardcore fans, we brought out Strictly Platonic! – No sex, unless we do.

All photos by Lightning Bolt Magistro

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