Did you wax? Chanel Ryan did… and so did I!

LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap!

Welcome our guest, Bikini Model, Chanel Ryan!

(Check out her episode HERE!)

Don’t let anybody ever tell you that trucker speed don’t work, ’cause we loaded up on it by the barrel (kidding, Mom) and brought the party on Tuesday, May 19th at 8PM (exactly!) Even my Mom was on the show and had a PBR (“it’s a little spicy!”).

(Model Chanel Ryan answered a question from the chat room while I wondered if I left my Ford Escort unlocked).

I was slugging some sweet sweet (and personally branded) PBR (which should be called: Paap’s Blue Ribbon). Of course, every show I am joined by “El Rapisto”, Juan Fulton, and he told me that if my hair was running for President – it would get his vote. Usually we are with Jessie Schneiderman, but she was sick 🙁 We missed you Shcneiderpants! However, Jess V ably filled in. 

We also talked about how TheStream.TV is transitioning to Wide Screen as of June 8th, 2009, but John’s biggest concern was: “Am I going to look fatter in widescreen Stu?” “No, just Girthier”. Then John delivered 3 genius songs right on the spot in an-interactive-chat-room-centered-bit called You Supply the Song Title, including “Drunk dialing ex-girlfriends”, “Red Hot Pooper” (About Mexican food) and of course: “Love ran down your leg”

(America’s Son, John Fulton made up 7 new songs in one night – just another night.)

Next, Jeff Trail paid us a visit, then I interviewed candidate #2 for My New Friend; a Mr. Steve Tiezen (who turned out to be candidate #1, Dave Tieck, in disguise). Eventually, I got to speak with the real candidate #2, Octavia Smith, but things did not go too well (Dave and Olivia started dry humping in the lobby).

(Chanel Ryan considered a marriage proposal from a chatroomer named RockLobster35 for about 2 seconds.)

Then, we met bikini model Chanel Ryan! We discussed which coast has Costa Rican drug smugglers (hint: it’s the one near the water), plus, she told us how she’s a vegetarian but still eats at McDonald’s (only a meatless burger, it’s a cheese sandwich kids!) Then we watched some of her Beach Moves in a video clip, we played Bedroom or Kitchen? with some naughty bits, and finally we gave away some (hopefully waterproof) Chanel Ryan playing cards and posters.

What are you waiting for? Click it and watch…

All photos by Lightning Bolt Magistro

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