Zen are you gonna watch this sweet episode?

Zen Zen Zen. Say it three times and your wishes will come true!

Zen Gray was on the show last night… I know this sounds lame to say – but what a cool cat! Or how about this: “Zowie! What a Kool Kat!” Now, it’s officially lame, but Zen was anything but.

I would describe her as ebullient and unfailingly nice – plus she was a lot of fun! She even brought me a gift (watch and see what it was).

Zen talks about EVERYTHING – her juice fast, how she motivates people (spoiler alert: Baby Steps), the TV show Work Out, how she got her name (Cree Indians?) and even takes your live questions/requests for lace booty shorts (seriously).

Also we do a BRAND NEW bit: This week in drunks! (Featuring someone who had a .47 BAC! Thanks Australia!) – Of course, we’ve got Strictly Platonic (“I’m straight but can I massage your back, butt or di*k?”), Do useless Facts (note: Jessie’s shares about her horrible JDATE), and we do Non-Sequitur Theater (John’s NOT gay? Wha?) – PLUS, we have a special guest in the studio!

Watch this sweet action here- “LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap! – Bravo’s “Zen Gray”

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