Xian’s Academy is Open! From the gootecks & Mike Ross Show

In this clip from the gootecks & Mike Ross Show Ep. 5, our hosts are joined by Evo 2013 SSFIV champion and newly sponsored RZR | Xian! Sitting down with our hosts, Xian discusses his “Academy” – a weekly livestreamed show where he will gives his tips to players! He also explains his philosophy on why he chooses to share his knowledge versus keeping it from his opponents. You can find Xian’s Academy streaming on http://twitch.tv/toughcookietv

The Gootecks & Mike Ross Show has arrived! In the 5th episode, our hosts come to you all the way from ESGN TV’s studios in Germany, where they’ve just wrapped up shooting ESGN Fight Night’s 2nd season. Their first guest is Evo 2013 SSFIV winner Xian, who discusses his Fighting Academy (http://twitch.tv/toughcookietv) and has a special announcement about his sponsorship! Then Gootecks and Mike are joined by SSFIV player FNEX|K-Brad for some live Excellent Adventures with a European flair!

The Gootecks & Mike Ross Show is a weekly livestreamed gaming program hosted by pro Street Fighter players Gootecks and Mike Ross. The duo, known for their popular series of YouTube videos dubbed The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & MIke Ross, bring their unique chemistry and colorful humor to this new program where they discuss everything from Street Fighter and competitive gaming, to much, much more! Always unpredictable, and immensely entertaining. Tune in every Monday night, 7 PM PST!

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