Wrap: Musetta Vander and the Hillenbrand brothers from Transylmania!

We give thanks for vampires, 800 year old Romanian castles and our guests, actress Musetta Vander and directors Scott and David Hillenbrand of the upcoming horror comedy feature, Transylmania.


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As anyone in Los Angeles will tell you, Halloween in this city stretches pretty far past October 31. For us, it’s lasted well into Thanksgiving, as we hosted a troika of guests from the soon-to-be-released vampire spoof, Transylmania – in theaters December 4th, 2009.


Directors Scott and David Hillenbrand, actress Musetta Vander, Stuart Paap, Andrea Ball and Stu’s special friend, John “mall pose” Fulton.

We did kowtow a little to the current holiday. We effected this in true, grand LIVE! From the Future… style with Stu venting about the worst Thanksgiving side dishes ever. His candidates? Yams with those ugly little wet marshmallows.

Andrea Ball (andreaball.com) gets ready to take some live Instant Messages in her “Beat It” edition jacket. Smooth, criminal baby!

Our IM Girl for the evening, the lovely and vivacious Andrea Ball (substituting for Jessie Schneiderman), volunteered green beans as her least favorite side dish, and LFTF’s musical director, John Fulton, piped up that he hated cranberry sauce. Communist! At least that’s what I think he said; honestly, nobody pays him any attention when he’s not playing music.

John Fulton, the new spokesman for “Midnight Von Douche”
Jared “I brought the tripods and legal releases” Greenhouse shows us his one-handed technique.

Subsequent to this discussion, we welcomed Musetta Vander, one of the stars of Transylmania, who plays vampire hunter Teodora van Sloan (which, coincidentally, is also the name of John Fulton’s transvestite lounge singer alter ego).

Actress Musetta Vander, aka “Teodora Van Sloan” from the new comedy feature “Transylmania” talks about Zip Lining from a castle, training with knives and the countless ways she could punish Stu.

Cheerful Musetta talked about her experiences on the (freezing cold Romanian) set of Transylmania, which included delivering her lines in an Eastern European accent (hot!), taking sword fighting lessons for a month (er, not that kind of sword fighting), and training in martial arts.

Musetta Vander sharpens her fingers as she prepares to stab Stu in the neck – vampire-style.

Then it was time for Musetta to play: “Ikea or Romanian Town?” Thanks to our little quiz, Musetta is now well acquainted with the best cheap pillowcases the Swedes have to offer, and the countless Romanian towns that no one can pronounce. Who says you don’t learn anything on our show?

John tries to convince Andrea that women actually like his sweater.
John tries to convince Andrea that some women actually like his sweater.

Next up were Musetta’s former bosses, Scott and David Hillenbrand, the directors of Transylmania. Scott and David have tag-teamed for over half a dozen movies, including National Lampoon Presents: Dorm Daze, and their collaboration reaches back far in the past – they’ve been making films together since childhood.

Scott and David Hillenbrand listen unenthusiastically to Stu’s movie pitches, inlcuding: “Octopus Outfielder: the life and times of Duke McNutts”, “Tardball”, the unofficial sequel to Dodgeball and “Earnest goes to Hometown Buffet”, the proposed 15th installment of the beloved “Earnest goes to…” series.

We tested just how strong those bonds really are by putting the brothers through our notorious “59 Second Gauntlet” (formerly the “60 Second Gauntlet”, now shaved for budgetary reasons). Scott fired off a few quick and theoretically correct answers, but David struggled to come up with a meaningful comeback or two – one stumper was, “Biggest jerk in high school?” Might I propose example “A” below?

John Fulton was a bouncer at LL Bean.

Wow, all that questioning and zip lining and Ikea catalog itemizing really made us hungry. We’re gonna feast for a few days, then we’ll see you at the usual time next Tuesday for a fresh new show. Until then, happy Thanksgiving from all of us LFTFers. Pass the yams and marshmallows, will ya?

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