WRAP: Mitch Fatel and Gary Cannon!

Tuesday, November 10 2009 – we were drenched in comedy and biological fluids with standups Mitch Fatel and Gary Cannon.


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This episode’s recurring theme was comedy comedy COMEDY, as we hosted the dangerous twin-barreled standup tandem of Mitch Fatel and Gary Cannon.



(Had we been drinking, someone would have gotten seriously hurt)

Before our esteemed guests took their chairs, we read a letter from one viewer in Florida, who asked why, oh why, does Stu find it necessary to mock and insult that great state’s capitol city, Tallahassee? Nothing personal, Anonymous Letter Writer, Stu just hates the place with an unreasonable and bitter passion.


John and Jessie warm up their pipes… and their vocal chords.

On a more positive note, the second episode of the Stu-starring web series Hurtling Through Space At An Alarming Rate has debuted, and our Host tried to prove it by showing a clip from the webisode. Which would have been a lot of fun, except the clip got truncated at about the 1.3 second mark.


Check out a new episode every Monday on Babelgum.com/htsaaar) (*Note: Stu wrote the November 16th episode – The Planet of eventually exploding timebombs of calamitous proportions)

Back here in sunny, gulag-free Los Angeles, Mitch arrived with a whole bunch of swag, namely DVDs and CDs of his appearances.


Mitch signing the DVD’s and CD’s for the guy who won: 4 guys named Stuart; uncanny!

He also arrived with a special lodging request – permission to fall asleep on Jessie‘s lady business.


Mitch, proving that this “genital-sleeping clause” is actually in Mitch’s contract.


Mitch, demonstrating his sleeping technique on Gary Cannon’s “hand-gina”


Payoff: Mitch, finally making good on his end of the bargain to sleep where babies are made. Jessie, happily obliges. Team player, Jessie!

In addition to helping Mitch satisfy the Jessie request, we also extracted a few juicy road stories from the ever-touring comedians, such as the time Mitch heroically accepted a sloppy seconds BEEJ in a San Jose green room.


Mitch explains exactly how the accommodating young San Jose resident replaced her tongue ring after personally thanking both Gary and Mitch for a good show. Ah, the road.

John Fulton was on fire this night, playing so fast, he literally became a blur.


John Fulton played in the band “Blur” in the 90’s.


Gary, Mitch, Stu and the multi-talented Jared Greenhouse discuss the gay porn they will shoot – “Blazing Saddle Rash”


Producer Lauren “LV” Valdez takes a moment to reflect on life; courtesy of Newsweek and Maxim.


A rare behind the scenes look at the studio – that’s Brian Gramo’s hat in the bottom left, Producer LV, Stu and Jared Greenhouse. Great times!

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Next Tuesday, November 17th: Filmmaker Ryan Combs!


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