Wrap: Director Ti West and Actress Ashley Palmer!

On Tuesday, October 27th at 8PM – LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap! welcomed Ti West, Director of “The House of the Devil” and Ashley Palmer, actress from “Paranormal Activity”.

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First, Ti West joins us; Ti is a precocious young filmmaker who’s made 4 feature films – and he’s not even 30! His latest film, “The House of the Devil” (in theaters Friday, Oct. 30th and on VOD now) is a throwback to old school horror flix from the ’80’s, when Satanic rituals were all the rage. In the movie, college student Samantha Hughes (Jocelin Donahue) tries to pick up a quick $400 to babysit a house; then, all goes… to HELL!


Ti West, imagining how he’d slaughter Stu in a horror movie. Spoiler Alert! He’d do it slowly using a battery and nipple clamps.


Ti autographs a few “House of the Devil” shirts for fans. (Note: real blood)


“Anonymous Serial Killer” played a mean set of keys. I asked him where John Fulron was – he had no comment – about anything. All night.


Next up, the effervescent Ashley Palmer joins us to talk about her hit movie “Paranormal State” – the low budget thriller that is tearing up the box office. She wrapped production over three years ago, but they are killing all the competition thanks to scary-but-believable scenarios about exorcisms.

We also play: “Body Count High” – she has to guess which movies have higher body counts; and let’s not forget “Horror or Porno?” – a fairly self-explanatory game.

We wrap up Ashley’s interview with the 60 second gauntlet – and we’re out!


Jessie “Slitherman” was serving up cold-blooded IM’s all night – then, she shed her snuggie-skin, ate a hamster and bounced.


The tiny skulls of all our former guests. At least they’re happy!


Ti explains what it’s like to hold a human skull while Stu contemplates when his horns have to go back to West Hollywood.

8.R2.Stu.Jessie.AshleyMissing: 1 Ronnie James Dio. Nevertheless, sweet album cover, right?

Special Thanks:

Miriam Urizar for the amazing makeup

Lawrence Anthony for most of the above photos

Producer LV for additional photos, getting decorations, twittering during the show and all her hard work every week

Brad “ASK” Watson for the music – it was (ahem) KILLER!

Arianne Ayers and Jason Stoff from Magnolia Pictures for Ti and the merch for giveaways!

And of course, Jared, Brian, Chloe, Jessie, John, Eric, Dave and everyone who helps on the show – it’s a group effort.

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