WRAP: Danielle Bisutti from True Jackson, VP

Stu tries to host a clean show (PG-13 at best) with Danielle Bisutti of Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP.


Maybe it is easy being green. See this episode at www.theStream.tv

It’s not often that Live! From the Future… hosts a guest who appears in a kid-friendly TV show. Danielle Bisutti, one of the stars of Nickelodeon’s teen fashion sitcom True Jackson, VP, stopped by for a little good clean (mostly clean) fun.


Danielle explains exactly how she’s gonna grab this show.

Stu and John made subtle yet oily suggestive comments about Jessie‘s wet hair, acquired from a quick shower after a late encounter at Bar Method.


Jessie shows her patented hair tousling technique. Chat roomers passed out in short order.

Our Host somehow got over the heavy breathing long enough to interview the lovely, kelly green-clad Danielle. We talked about her show, now striding along in its second season – thank you very much – and the production thereof.




Stu and Danielle Bisutti having good clean fun sharing filthy stories. I’M KIDDING! – (it wasn’t fun).

Danielle was born into the business; this self professed “theater geek” had very early memories of live TV, sitting in the studio audience for a taping of Mork and Mindy (Nanu Nanu!) She also loves the Godfather, which was good because, from now on, we bring everyone on by kissing Stu’s ring. See examples A and B.



Danielle “Corleone’s” her way on to the show. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Danielle’s been acting professionally for a while, appearing on Two and a Half Men, Dharma and Greg and Without a Trace. On True Jackson, VP, she plays Amanda, a viperish corporate type forever trying to foil the heroine of the title. Our chatties were curious about Danielle’s experience in this and other shows, and saved us from descending further into R-rated murk with good questions about her career. One of the most pertinent ones was, “Will Amanda ever bust out in song?”




Song lovers rejoice – Danielle had some serious pipes.

Danielle is a fine singer. She accompanied John on a new song: “At Least You’re Home By 8:30” and “Check It.”

Danielle’s also pretty good at answering quizzes. On the infamous Ikea or Social Networking Site?, our guest nailed most of the 10 questions to take home the magnificent prize (i.e. gratitude for enduring the bit).


Danielle ponders: “Is ‘Nujij’ an Ikea Product or a Social Networking Site?”

Then Danielle also nearly made it through all queries in our one-minute, think-fast Gauntlet, managing to keep her porn star name a secret (inappropriate!) but revealing that she’d rather date Sinatra than Elvis (even if he was the young, skinny Elvis? Really, Danielle?)


John shows his true feeling about LV. Scandal!



Johnny Fulron broadcasts only #1 hits.

Stu and Danielle brought the interview to a close by giving away gifts of intrinsic emotional value such as a book by Stu’s friend and a DVD. On the subject of intrinsic emotional value, Stu also screened a sneak preview of his relentlessly flogged web series, Hurtling Through Space At An Alarming Rate.


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Clearly, one of these kids knows which camera is on.

After the sneak, Danielle joined John for a special duet of The Fresh’s classic, “Two Buck Chuck”. But again, this was meant to be clean entertainment, so the duo modified the lyrics to sing about the benefits of cheap wine at family Thanksgivings. With that, we managed to once again escape the sharp eye of the Motion Picture Association of America and score only a mild R rating (or PG-13 if you’re optimistic) for this episode.

Will we succeed in doing so next week? Doubtful – our guests include several vampires. Tune in next week for more… we probably won’t be very PG-13 in that one.

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