Wrap: Comic Steve Byrne

We funnied it up with witty and offensively handsome comedian Steve Byrne and a special guest!

Steve Byrne

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This was our last show of the year (awwwww) and we did it with two out of three regulars (Jessie was out “sick”; ugly rumors had her nursing a violent and durable post-birthday hangover). The very capable and not at all hung over Martini Beerman did IM duties for the night, and has so far escaped with only minimal psychological damage.


Well, if your surname is "Beerman", you pretty much have to live the part. Martini models her beverage of choice.

With our crew thus assembled, we launched right into the comedy. Because that’s what we likes to do and it sure beats slinging burgers for a living. Stu got things started by possibly offending yet another state in our great Union, trotting out his impersonation of “Jersey Guy”. We also might have ticked off a few cars by showing controversial pictures from John and Stu’s visit to the LA Auto Show in our first bit, “Car Show, Yo“. Okay, maybe not controversial, unless you’re offended by Our Host’s white gangsta posing in front of various bland automobiles. Really, Stu, you should act more appropriately around generic, mass-produced vehicles.

Once we were done with the cars, it was time for the guests. The main Occupier of Guest Chair was comedian Steve Byrne, fast ascending the various Mounts Olympus of the comedy world (The Tonight Show, an HBO special, USO tours, etc.). Steve is of mixed Korean and Irish DNA, and Stu asked if his upbringing or ancestry had anything to do with his choice of joke telling as a profession. No, actually it was because working as a grunt at a comedy club was the only job he could get in New York back in his lean days. How’s that for destiny?

Steve n Stu

One of these two guys is actively entertaining the audience. Can you guess which? (hint: it's probably not Stu)

We then launched into the really deep, philosophical questions, from both Stu and the chat room, like “do you ever get mistaken for Jon of Jon & Kate Plus 8? (answer: no, because Steve’s in decent shape and actually has talent). The interview built to a rousing crescendo with the nail-biting game show segment of the evening, “Korean Or Irish Proverb”? The studio audience could barely keep to their seats as Steve desperately groped for answers (actually, maybe that was because of all the energy drink they overdosed on). Amazingly, such dissimilar cultures as Korea and Ireland seem to produce the same variety of homespun wisdom about cattle carts and hungry mice, so Steve barely squeaked by with a win, answering a bare minimum of the queries correctly.

We had another burning question for him, being the smart and good looking entertainer he is. How, oh how, would he ask our fetchingly attractive producer LV out on a date? Looking into the camera, he deadpanned “show me some respect”. Aha, now that’s how showbiz types get the ladies. Boys, are you taking notes?

Steve n Stu II

Stu finally figures out the difference between Korea and Ireland, while Steve acts convincingly impressed.

Steve was only getting warmed up. He was so overjoyed at his victory in the proverb quiz, he started dry-humping the host desk. Never let it be said that we don’t make an effort to please our guests. Or our studio props, come to think of it.

We still have it in us to entertain the old fashioned way, though, and to prove it we brought out our special guest, actress Danielle Bisutti. The very tuneful Danielle sang a few numbers with John, closing the show with a nice hit or two of music.

John n Danielle

John shows us a little leg. And he's not even drunk yet! Don't feed him any beer, whatever you do.

The two harmonizers also closed out our 2009. It was a hell of a year, and we’re glad even the host desk got some action out of it. Who knows which props will be propositioned in 2010; tune in to find out. We’re back in mid-January, so enjoy your holidays and New Year while we’re getting our R&R. And good luck hitting on that furniture.

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