Wrap 2: Nicolas Wright/Andrea Abbate AND Leyna Weber/Hal B. Klein

Election day last Tuesday and we voted in a DOUBLE SHOW !

The 1st show was @8PM, and featured 2 guests: A) sitcom writer Andrea Abbate and B) actor Nicolas Wright, both from CBS’s hit comedy “Accidentally on Purpose” – (Mondays at 8:30 on CBS).

Watch Nicolas Wright and Andrea Abbate on www.theStream.tv

And our 2nd show was @9PM, and featured thriller-dancing thespian Leyna Weber and culinary-enthusiast/history-nerd actor Hal B. Klein!


Watch Leyna Weber and Hal B.Klein on www.theStream.tv!

25% of the night’s guests was our first: comedy writer Andrea Abbate. Andrea works on the truly hilarious new CBS sitcom “Accidentally on Purpose” starring Jenna Elfman. Watch it after “How I met your mother” and then, just don’t leave the couch. “2 1/2 men” comes on after “Accidentally” and there’s your night!

Stu.AndreaStu smiles through his botox while comedy writer Andrea Abbate waits patiently.

Stu grilled her mercilessly about her experiences on the show and the live chat room followed suit (we are a live and interactive show), but the most compelling question from the chatties – Do the actors ever bribe writers to get more lines? We can’t say what she said – but, if you’ve ever seen a corpulent comedy writer, you already know the answer.

Nic.Andrea.StuAndrea Abbate, Nicolas Wright and Stuart “reflect” on the show.

Young actor Nicolas Wright was up next. Nicolas is Canadian, which makes him exotic, interesting, and possibly a Communist. (Hey, isn’t Stu Canadian? We’re calling a Mountie just to check if he’s on a milk carton.)

On Accidentally on Purpose, Nic plays Davis, a freeloading associate of the show’s lead character, Billie.

Nic.SkateboardNicolas plays the “slap skateboard” – angry letters from Victor Wooten followed. (Just Google “Victor Wooten Bass”)

Nicolas talked about getting started in acting, getting to L.A., and he brought TONS of SWAG – including several shooting signed scripts, 4 signed photos of the cast and, a working skateboard, that’s not only been used on the first 8 episodes, but was also signed by the show’s actors.

These prizes were given away to chat roomers who could answer Nic’s trivia questions about the show. Rumors abound that John Fulton used a series of chat room surrogates to claim several of the gifts; the LFTF Investigative Unit is currently conducting inquiries and taking DNA samples from cans of Evo to ascertain the truth.

John.11.3.09John Fulton thinks about which John Mayer song to rip off. At least it wasn’t “Your body is a wonderland”

Stu.LeynaActress Leyna Weber teaches Stu how to properly do the pottery scene from “Ghost”

Show number two got off to a kicking start – literally – with energetic guest Leyna Weber. She’s the star of the web series “Road to the Altar”, playing a stressed bride-to-be getting hitched to Jaleel White (Urkel in “Family Matters”). She also taught the Thriller dance, leading LFTF ace Producer LV, TheStream.TV’s Chloe and the ever-flexible Jessie.

Jessie.ThinkingJessie wonders if “going commando” was a good idea after doing the Thriller dance.

Last (and definitely least – kidding, Hal!), it was time to EAT with actor and self-taught gourmet Hal B. Klein. Hal plays interesting characters in such films as Bottle Shock and Nobel Son, but is also a pretty deep character himself. He’s a self-professed history geek and a proficient cook in his free moments (Check out his website Thismanskitchen.com)

We made him prove his history geekitude in a rousing round of ‘Stache or not?, in which the object was, to identify which U.S. Presidents had facial hair. John and Stu made a wager to see if Hal was THAT good – John said: “Yes” and Stu said “No way!” Who won?!

Hal.B.Klein.CookingHal B Klein making organic basil-pesto sauce on LIVE! From the future…

Jessie.Loving.ItHal inquired whether or not Jessie wanted to taste his “sauce”.

This coming Tuesday, November 10th at 8PMComedians Mitch Fatel and Gary Cannon!


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