Win free SWAG from Social Code – Watch here!

On Tuesday night, June 24th – Social Code – rocked the house with their songs and mild-mannered somewhat evasive attitudes!

Morgan and Travis are genuinely good guys from Edmonton, Alberta and if you support indie rock, in the truest sense of the form (they converted an old greyhound bus into their home), then you should buy their stuff HERE!

Also – you gotta watch to see how you can win some sweet merch from the boys. BUT, you must play a game we call “Who is that Candadian?” If you can find out who these three Canadians are, in order, then post your answers on the message boards HERE!

You can watch the whole episode below

“LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap!” – Social Code

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Or, watch a Quick Clip.

“LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap!” – “He Said, She Said” by Social Code

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…We’ll be back on July 15th!