Upcoming: Crystle and Lisa of TEASE and Derek from Secret Girlfriend!

This Tuesday, October 6th we are hosting a threesome of fabulous guests. If you thought last week was heating up, with The State of Law losing his pants, we thought we would one up ourselves for our loyal fans (hey Telemundo). All I know is that Stu called me inquiring about a stripper pole…

Joining us from the new Fox pilot and web series Tease, we have Lisa Jay and Crystal Lea Lightning. This original dramedy gives us an inside look at the exotic dancing profession, with Lisa Jay playing Marie, the newbie to the strip club, learning rapidly from the pros like Crystal Lea Lightning.

October 6, 2009

Crystal Lea Lightning, not to be confused with the 5-calorie drink, is a First Nations actress and model. For those die hard fans of the 3 Ninjas movie series (i.e. my sister) you know her as “Jo” in the 1995 movie 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up. In 2005, she played “Chloe” in the American Pie presents: Band Camp. Her most notable role is her portrayal of solider Lori Piestewa in Saving Jessica Lynch.

Lisa Jay has been around from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Everybody Hates Chris. She stars in an upcoming feature film Spring Break ’83, alongside John Goodman and Joey Pantoliano. While not lighting up the big screen, Lisa participates in humanitarian efforts with the non-profit organization No Kidding, Me Too that works to remove social stigmas related to brain dis-ease.

That is not all folks, we also have Derek Miller from Comedy Central’s Secret Girlfriend premiering Oct. 7th at 10:30pm. This guy is no stranger to the industry with appearances in Scrubs, Mad TV, and Comedy Central’s Crossballs. Derek was also the creator and star in Fremantle’s hit web series, Every Hipster and Atomic Zoo. You can catch him performing regularly in the critically-acclaimed IO West improvised musical, Opening Night.

The studio is pretty much going to be at maximum capacity once we squeeze in everyone and Stu’s big head. Don’t miss out. We promise there is a lil’ sumtin’ sumtin’ for everyone.

If you have any questions for Crystal Lea Lightning, Lisa Jay, or Derek Miller, drop ‘em here!