Tonight: DOUBLE SHOW Tuesday! Nicolas Wright, Andrea Abbate & Hal B. Klein, Leyna Weber!

Remember those old Doublemint gum commercials? The ones with the pretty twins singing jingles about doubling your pleasure, doubling your fun? Okay, neither do we, actually – there are probably too many long evenings, brutal hangover mornings and dates with the bong in college between then and now to remember much of anything. At any rate, Double will be the word of the night on Tuesday when we have not uno but dos shows for your delectation and amusement


– one at our usual time of 8pm, and at 9PM. Not only that, but each show will have (cue hot twins singing, uh, “double double” something) a pair of guests. That’s a grand total of four guests in one night!

First and second up are Nicolas Wright and Andrea Abbate. Nicolas, once upon a time (i.e. 2004) the winner of “Best Newcomer” in the “Just for Laughs” festival, is an up-and-coming actor featured on the up-and-coming new CBS sitcom Accidentally on Purpose. Nicolas plays Davis, a freeloading associate of the show’s lead Billie (Jenna Elfman, who the “elite” LFTF research department is convinced might have been one of the Doublemint Twins). Nicolas previously acted in movies such as Circle of Friends and The Greatest Game Ever Played, in addition to producing, directing, writing and starring in his own short film, Toutouffe. Speaking of Accidentally on Purpose, we also have one of the show’s writer/producers with us, the lovely and dangerously funny Andrea Abbate. In addition to her adventures in TV land, Andrea is a gifted comedienne, actress and writer, contributing her talents to many offline and online media. These include stand-up comedy (you can see clips of her on, for example) theater (Andrea authored the play “Random Acts of Kindness”) and varied and extremely funny writings, many of which can be found on her web site

Once the first show wraps, Stu, Jessie and The Fulron will retreat to their respective trailers, get expensive massages, drink a glass of vino or six, and return to the studio for episode #2. This edition will feature another pair of talents, actors Hal B. Klein and Leyna Weber. You’ve seen or will see Hal in movies such as Bottle Shock and the very-soon-to-be-released Jack and the Beanstalk, but he’s also got another talent he puts to good use – cooking. In fact, Hal’s got his own online cooking program and blog,, in which he de-mystified the art of cuisine and makes it okay for guys to serve offerings like spicy lemon sherbert. He’s so good, he can even teach Stu how to concoct a dish or two, which he’ll be doing live on-air.

Meanwhile,his co-guest for the hour, Leyna Weber, is a young but already highly experienced actor from Long Island (which happens to be Your Humble Blog Author’s native landmass too, wheee!). She currently appears in the hit web series Road to the Altar starring her and Jaleel White (Urkel from Family Matters), and will be featured in the upcoming mystery/thriller Pig. Which, coincidentally, is the same name as the raw ingredient occasionally used by Hal in his cooking show. Oof, we’re getting hungry again. Can you tell we’ve been eating too much surplus Halloween candy? Bring on the meat and carbohydrates, folks, it’s gonna get tasty in here.

Got questions for Nicolas/Andrea/Hal/Leyna? Shoot ’em right ‘chere.

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