TONIGHT: 3 Years of LIVE! From the future…

September 29? What’s special about it… “Inventor’s Day in Argentina?”, you say?The day after Yom Kippur?” “The Death anniversary of chef Austin Leslie, the celebrated ‘King of Fried Chicken’?

Yes but no.

September 29 of this very year will witness the 3 year Anniversary of Live! From the Future…

That’s right, Stu and his dangerous yet somehow lovable partners in art thievery John Fulton and Jessie Schneiderman have been plugging away for one quarter of a dozen years now.

It’s a happy happy anniversary show, with musicalicious guests The Fresh and Rapsmith And The State of Law.


This is, of course, all just an excuse to drink a lot of beer and get noisy with a pair of special musical guests. Taking the stage for our anniversary show will be The Fresh, fronted by the man some* call “Elvis, Sinatra and Pavarotti all wrapped up in one, although not with the terrible weight problems that constantly plagued Pavarotti or Elvis in his final years of drug-fuelled decline”. That’s right, we’re talking Live! From the Future…’s own musical mad scientist, John Fulton.

* John Fulton

Next up will be the very funny hip-hoppish stylings of Rapsmith & The State of Law. According to legend, this two-man group was born of a terrifying yet humorous accident at a secret government research lab (the rumors say Roswell, New Mexico). Like any mutant product of an experiment gone wildly wrong, Rapsmith & The State of Law found themselves in Los Angeles as part of the local music scene. The boys slide into our studio to help celebrate birthday number three with Stu and the gang (hey, that could be a really derivative name for a band!).

In between, Stu will do his very best to keep sober… er, interact with the bands, celebrate the big moments of the past three years, and recycle all the gags we’ve tried and failed since 2006.

PLUS: A very special guest!!!

Join us live tonight at 8:00 for the music, the fun and the festivities, and don’t forget the piñatas and party hats. The birthday cake’s on us.