TMI Bubble Boy

A short comedy sketch that answers the question; what happens to a Bubble Boy when he’s all grown up and becomes a Bubble Man? The clip was created and performed by members of TMI Live, who are the first weekly sketch show, performed in front of audience and streamed live to the internet by

The sketch was written by Peter Aiello and directed by Bill Kelly. It stars Jason Kaye as Bubble Boy, Tim McGovern as the Doctor, Jacquie Walters as Bubble Girl, Cristal Bubblin’ as the Female Doctor, Matthew Marcy as the Intern and Felipe Figueroa as the Bubble Latin Guy.

The sketch was originally performed in the show TMI Hollywood, at the Second City Theater in Hollywood, California.

Every Sunday night, TMI Live presents an all-new hour of sketch comedy, commentary and musical theater, based on the stories of the week in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture. Each week, a celebrity guest joins our cast to “host” the show and take part in the fun. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is too silly or trivial. Nothing is too controversial. Every time Beiber opens his mouth, Miley opens Instagram or Kim Kardashian opens her… well, you know, TMI is there, with its own unique and hilarious take on the story.

(7.1)-Show 121: (July 19th, 2015): Jim O’Heir, Parks & Recreation @jimoheir

(7.2)-Show 122: (July 26th, 2015): Josh Sussman, Glee @JoshSussman

(7.3)-Show 123: (August 2nd, 2015): C.J. Vana, Whiplash @cjvana

(7.4)-Show 124: (August 9th, 2015): Matt Iseman, American Ninja Warrior @mattiseman

(7.5)-Show 125: (August 23rd, 2015): 3RD ANNIVERSARY SHOW

(7.6)-Show 132: (August 30th, 2015): Ben Schreen, America’s Next Top Model @benschreen




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