Tin Man Writers

Guests: Craig Van Sickle & Steven Mitchell

Crew Position: Writers/ Executive Producers

Project: Tin Man, The Pretender, She Spies

Production Company: Strange Highway Entertainment

Website: http://www.scifi.com/

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Filmnut is off and running in 2008 with the appearance of Craig Van Sickle and Steven Mitchell. Usually not a fan of a mini-series, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed Tin Man. Billed as a remake of the Wizard of Oz, I found it to be very original and entertaining. (No wonder it was the number one rated mini-series on cable for 2007 and number one for the history of the sci-fi channel) I think actress Kathleen Robertson who played the evil and sexy Azkadellia said it well in an interview I saw when she referred to Tin Man as having the “essence” of the Wizard of Oz. I thought Sickle and Mitchell were very creative in the way they incorporated some themes, characters, and in some cases one-liners that paid homage to the original. Yet they added many original elements as well.

Look and special effects wise, this is not your father’s cable mini-series. They spent a lot of money on Tin Man and it shows.

We covered a lot in the show from Tin Man gossip and speculation to how the project came together. From their pitch to the studios, to possible alternate endings, to everything in-between, these former stand-up comedians kept the interview lively, fun and gave some good advice for writers to boot.

I will update this blog and the message boards with info. on the these guys as they relay it to me with regards to a possible seguel or prequel to Tin Man or anything else Sickle and Mitchell related.

If you missed this or any episode of Filmnut you can watch it here:
http://www.thestream.tv/filmnut The episode with Sickle and Mitchell is number 211.

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