Co-Executive Producer of Dexter Tim Schlattmann

Tim Schlattmann, Co-executive Producer/Writer for Dexter was the guest tonight. Tim talked about the creative process and how he works with all of the writers on the show. He loves the openness of “the room” (writers room) and how egos are left at the door and it is all about what ideas best serves the show. We talked about the psychology of everyone’s favorite sociopath Dexter Morgan, what the driving force is behind each season of the show, and his favorite line that he has written. Lots of good questions from viewers including, “is there a quota for how many times Debra Morgan uses four letter words?”. I noticed on several message boards there were questions about Dexter incorporating a Casey Anthony type of character into season six and Tim answered that straight on. We covered breaking into the business and how Tim started as a writer’s assistant on the sitcom Roseanne. Tim also has written a very funny short that you can check out on Youtube called Jenny Got a Boob Job.

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