Tim Russ, Tuvok of Star Trek: Voyager Appears

Actor Tim Russ appears on theStream.tv’s “The DAMage Report” on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 10pm PST (1am EST) to talk about the Writers Strike and the future of media.  Viewers can enjoy the live broadcast with either Windows Media Player on www.theStream.tv homepage or with Flash Player on a growing number of sites that syndicate the live video feed including BlogTV.com, Ustream.tv, and Stickam.com.  Questions and comments are accepted during the live broadcast and may also be submitted in advance on the site’s message forum.

Tim Russ is most recognized as “Tuvok” the vulcan on Star Trek’s Voyager series. He has recently been featured in “Live Free or Die Hard” as Department of Homeland Security Agent, Chuck Summers. Tim currently has a regular role as a mentor/doorman named Frank, on the new ABC show “SAMANTHA WHO?” starring Christina Applegate. Tim Russ has also written and directed several short films and is currently directing “Star Trek of Gods and Men”. Side not: Time is also an accomplished musician with 4 CD’s released to date. To find out more bout Tim Russ, go to http://www.timrusswebpage.net

The DAMage Report, hosted by comedian Rev Johnny Dam, is a politically incorrect LIVE interactive internet TV show that celebrates the First Amendment. Johnny’s background includes performing for the troops in Iraq, roasting a U.S. Congressman, and everything in between. You can catch The DAMage Report LIVE Wednesday nights on www.theStream.tv.

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