Tim Russ, Star Trek Of G-Ds and Men

Filmnut 213

Guest: Tim Russ

Crew Position: Actor/ Director

Projects: Star Trek Of G-Ds and Men, (OGM) & Samantha Who

Website: http://www.startrekofgodsandmen.com

Filmnut is turning into a great way for me to meet artists who’s work I’m a fan of! Tonight, Tim Russ was in the house who many of you know from Star Trek Voyager and his role as Lt. Commander Tuvoc.

Star Trek OGM is an online miniseries that picks up twelve years after Captain Kirk’s death and has a cast that includes many familiar faces from the various Star Trek series. You can view OGM for free at the above website.

Russ served as both an actor and director on what was more of a guerilla indie shoot then a typical Star Trek film or episodic. Russ answers a lot of great questions and when talking about directing, advised about the importance of being prepared, and having a ‘B’ and a ‘C’ plan for when things don’t go as they should.

It was great hearing his experiences on the set of OGM and having him compare and contrast this experience to Star Trek Voyager.

Good news for Samantha Who fans: Russ says the show has been picked up for at least nine more episodes, and he is really enjoying the show and working with Christina Applegate and the rest of the crew.

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Jeff Schubert
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