Thought Balloon! (104) Steven “Ribs” Weismann

Hey all,

Richard Hamilton here with the wrap-up of last night’s episode of THOUGHT BALLOON! (104)

Thanks again to our guest, Steven “Ribs” Weissman, for coming on the show, sharing his incredible cartoons (they truly are beyond “credible”), and for making us all feel just a little less talented by comparison. Especially Neil in a Fez.
To check out more of Ribs’ work, please check out his blog at:

As Steven said last night, all of his books are pretty much available anywhere (show-off), so do yourself and your children (or very intelligent pets) a favor, and pick up his Yikes! books or the masterful Kid Firechief.
We didn’t have a chance to get to all of Steven’s artwork before he stormed off the set in a blind rage (the meltdown was FAKE, by the way — or was it? Yes, it was — unless…), so here are a few more of his illustrations, guaranteed to tickle your funny and cute bones or, failing that, some other unmentionable parts of your anatomy. Enjoy!
We’ll see you in two short weeks following’s hiatus (read: rehab).

Until then, keep reading comics, kids!

Richard (A.K.A. that jerk in the cape. No, not Neil. Not Brian, either. The other one –with the eyebrow. Yeah, him!)


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