It’s Richard Hamilton once more, the host of the only online talk show dedicated to comic books – THOUGHT BALLOON!™ on

This Thursday at 8 PM Pacific, we travel to the land of big eyes, speed lines, and giant robots. That’s right, THOUGHT BALLOON!™ will be covering Japanese comics with our guest, Manga writer Jay Antani. Jay’s work includes TokyoPop’s “Lament Of The Lamb”, “Beck”, and the upcoming “The Mysterians” (to name but a few of his titles), and yet he finds time to be a Film Critic and Novelist, too. Nobody likes a show-off, Jay!

THOUGHT BALLOON!â„¢ is still the program where you — the viewer — have a say, so be sure to Instant Message in to chat with Jay about Manga, Anime, or any of your other comicbook concerns. And, as usual, we will feature reviews of this week’s comics, spotlights on independent titles, and more Neil in a fez!

So tune in to THOUGHT BALLOON!™ this Thursday, May 10, at 8 PM Pacific/11 PM Eastern on! If you don’t, Mothra wins.

See you on the (online) airwaves…