The Man Who Saved Central City



The Flash is back and boy have we missed Barry Allen! The Man Who Saved Central City was an absolutely fantastic way to bring the Scarlett Speedster back into our lives along with his team of Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Iris West, Martin Stein and of course, Detective Joe West!


There’s a name missing from the team roster, Ronnie Raymond, the other half of FIRESTORM. Ronnie and Martin assisted Barry in closing the portal that opened at the end of Season 1. In the efforts to save Central City, the STAR Labs teams lost Ronnie, and Caitlin lost the love of her life, once again.

We were also introduced to a new villain (my favourite aspect of the whole show!) The Atom Smasher! The original Albert Rothstein was killed in an “accident” in Central City and Joe and Barry were there to check out the crime scene. The part that surprised them was when Rothstein showed up at Flash Day, throwing hot dog carts at Barry!


Although this scene was strongly focused on Barry and The Atom Smasher, Cisco had a strange 15 second “vibe” that took him into another world – this gave us hope that Cisco will soon become Vibe!

The team got to work on how to defeat The Atom Smasher and came to the conclusion that he feeds off radiation, so by searching the city’s radiation levels, they were able to find a huge serge of it which pin-pointed The Atom Smasher’s location. Barry baits Rothstein into the radiation tube where he traps him inside as Cisco turns on the radiation draining machine that sucks the life out of Rothstein. It was another great team win for STAR Labs!

There were two pivotal parts of the season premiere.

1. Harrison Wells left a jump drive for Barry which was to only be watched when Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne was dead. On this jump drive was a video of Wells/Thawne admitting to committing the murder of Nora Allen (Barry’s mother). This video was the evidence Barry needed to finally free his Father, Henry! After the joy this gave all the fans at home, the CW shut us down quickly. Henry came home to a wonderful surprise party, only to take Barry aside and tell him that he’s leaving… ARE YOU KIDDING HENRY?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT BARRY HAS GONE THROUGH TO GET YOU OUT OF JAIL!

Anyways, it was dumb and there better be a good reason.

COPA1wYWIAA5__-2. Jay Garrick, Ahhh Jay Garrick, The OG. He just strolls into STAR Labs and shuts everyone down. *Mic drop*

The first episode reached and blew past my expectations, the SFX team need a huge High 5 and Grant Grustin is killing it as Barry Allen.

I can’t wait for an amazing season with you all and let’s get ready for Zoom!

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