The Lotus May Have Already Appeared in the Comics

Arrow_Unchained_Green_Arrow_CrouchingOn Arrow‘s latest episode, “Unchained”, Thea Queen’s health started to deteriorate rapidly due to her not giving in to her bloodlust.  By the end of the episode, Thea was in a coma, fighting for her life, because she refuses to kill anyone.  Sure, Malcolm could’ve just brought in an offering unwilling victim, and watch his daughter heal herself.  But he’s starting to change and wants to respect his daughter’s wishes — even if it means her dying as a result.

Meanwhile, in Nanda Parbat, a faction loyal to Nyssa al Ghul helps her make a daring escape from her prison.  She soon travels to Japan and confronts Katana, a.k.a. Tatsu Yamashiro.  After discovering that they’re evenly matched, Nyssa comes clean as to what she really wants and opts to have a civil discussion about it.

Arrow_Unchained_Thea_QueenBy the end of the episode, we see a sad Oliver losing any hope that Thea can be saved.  But hope comes in the form of Nyssa who tells him that she has something called The Lotus that can help her.  The catch?  Oliver will have to do Nyssa one little favor: kill Malcolm Merlyn.  Oh man, just when the two are starting to become slight bros, bonding over the one common goal of helping a loved one.

So what is this Lotus?  Is it an actual flower?  Or is it a metaphor for something else?  Well, after doing some intense Indiana Jones-level research, I think I have the answer.  The Lotus could be an alternate name of the Fountain of Essence.  Okay, what is the Fountain of Essence?

Batman_The_Resurrection_Of_Ra's_Al_Ghul_CoverThe Fountain of Essence was first mentioned and shown in the eight-issue Batman story arc Batman: The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul (October 2007 – November 2007).  In short, the Fountain of Essence has the same healing and resurrection powers as the Lazarus Pit, but with some key differences: it has no dangerous side-effects.  When Batman brought Ra’s al Ghul to the temple which housed the fountain, they were attacked by Sensei.  In the ensuing fight, Batman was blinded and critically injured.  However, the Dark Knight was able to knock Sensei into the fountain which kills him, due to Sensei not being a pure soul.  Batman, immersing himself in the fountain, emerges fully restored and slightly younger.

Could Arrow be adding the Fountain of Essence as part of its lore?  And if they do, how much of the properties of the Fountain of Essence will the writers retain?  Thea may be a good guy, but she definitely isn’t a pure soul.  And will Oliver go back to his old ways — killing — just to save his baby sister?  What do you think?  Sound off in the comments.

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