Technical Adviser Aaron Cohen

Technical adviser for the new Steven Soderbergh film, Haywire, Aaron Cohen was the guest tonight.  Cohen is a former counter terrorism special Ops officer in the Israeli army.  He also authored the book, The Brotherhood of Warriors, and is the owner of IMS Security.  Sounds qualified to me!  Soderbergh relied on Aaron to block scenes and included him on script development.  He talked about what actors he worked with, and his relationship with MMA star Gina Carano on and off camera.  He brought in some guns for a little show and tell and talked about the importance of making movies look as real as possible.  Speaking of realism, Cohen also offered his opinion on the Steven Spielberg film, Munich.  We went back and forth talking about filmmaking and the reality of being a counter terrorist operative.  Great information if you are interested in how it is done in film and in reality… We did have some fun too with Aaron doing three excellant impersonations!

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