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Our Game of the Week is actually Games of the Week! – Dave, Jim, and Nikole each take a look at some downloadable content from the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii respectively. We set up an NES for Nikole to give Mario Brothers a go – and then more Pacmobelia is revealed!

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Game of the Week: Sega Superstars Tennis – Nikole catches everyone up with this week in geek. As we sit in a spring dry spell of quality, new releases, Gweedz takes a look at all the great games we have to look forward to this year (and makes some predictions about them). Jim april fools more »

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The PC Decline

Jim delved into the state of PC gaming, and whether it’s as in as big of a decline as has been recently reported. He noted that PC games had a 6% decline in sales last year and that PCs present challenges – hardware and software requirements especially. Equipment (video cards, etc) are not cheap. We more »

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Meat Cube

We announce the Games of the Week, Lost Odyssey and Frontlines. Jim will discuss the new Unreal Engine demo that was revealed during GDC08. And speaking of … Nikole will present the Top 7 Games and Announcements from GDC08 (My Horse and Me 2? Fingers crossed). David rants about the ridiculousness of game censorship, pegged more »

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Just Say Neigh

We announce the Game of the Week, Burnout Paradise. Jim laments the insane load times of the new JRPG Lost Odyssey – everyone agrees that they’re looking forward to … watching it? The trailer uses Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” (reminiscent of Gears of War’s use of “Mad World”), which seems like an odd coupling. Jim more »

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We introduce The Game Show and it’s format. ¬†Each host monitors a different live video syndicate’s chat room (including BlogTV, Stickam, UStream, and Jim, David, and Nikole discuss the upcoming release of Devil May Cry 4, and the disappointment that is Turok, complete with video footage. A discussion on whether or not after a more »

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