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SFxT 2013: Justin Wong Demonstrates Alisa/Chun-Li

Justin Wong gives his input on the 2013 Update to Street Fighter x Tekken, as well as the team he is currently using. He shows Gootecks Alisa and Chun-Li’s best moves and combos, the effects of the removal of the defensive meter building and other balance changes.

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Jimmy Wong Helps Sing a Fully Improvised Song, “Erwi Erwi”

On our all musical episode of The Real Cool Club, Ethan Newberry, Lindsay Harbert, and musical guest Jimmy Wong sang audience created songs right off the top of their heads. There was a huge amount of requests for a song titled “Erwi Erwi All Over Me” that was based off their amazing producer Andrew Seely. more »

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Jimmy Wong Sings “High on You” and More

Click to Sub: Jimmy Wong, the internet sensation spent some time singing with us on The Real Cool Club! Here’s a brief look at what you can expect when the full episode goes up today! LIVE INTERACTIVE SHOWS every TUESDAY at 8PM PST. Episode 308 originally aired on Tuesday, August 9th 2011. Jimmy Wong more »

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