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Game of Thrones-Power Rankings Finale-Mother’s Mercy

Welcome to Power Rankings where host, Jessica Kinney, gives you the rundown on how the power shifts from week to week on Game of Thrones. This week’s episode was the season 5 finale.  Named Mother’s Mercy for the forgiveness that Cersei asks for after confessing her sins.  Even though mercy was what Cersei got, she more »

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Spirits of Westeros- Arya 51

Welcome to Spirits of Westeros where host, Jessica Kinney, helps you combine the love of Game of Thrones with the love of alcohol. This weeks drink is named after Arya Stark, the youngest daughter of the Stark family.  It’s named Arya 51 because many people have heard her name, but almost no one knows where she is, more »

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Behind the Thrones: Food and Culture – Lemon Cakes

Your host Kegan Schell will take you into the cultures of Westeros by breaking down, discussing and then making various dishes as described in the books and seen on TV. In this episode, Kegan takes on lemon cakes, the favorite of Sansa Stark. He talks about why these are a favorite for Sansa and what more »

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